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Death row holiday

Blair Lee
The Gazette
December 22, 2006

On Tuesday, Vernon Evans Jr. got an early Christmas present from the Maryland Court of Appeals — another stay of execution.

Nearly 25 years ago police found heroin and cocaine in a Pikesville motel room. Two motel employees, David Piechowicz and his wife Cheryl, agreed to testify that the narcotics belonged to Baltimore drug kingpin Anthony Grandison. In retaliation, Grandison hired Evans, a lowlife druggie, to kill the Piechowiczs. So on the evening of April 28, 1983, Evans burst into the motel lobby and cut down David and Cheryl with his MAC-10 submachine gun.

Oops, Cheryl’s 19-year-old sister, Susan, was filling in for Cheryl that night. Well, what do you expect from a contract murderer high on heroin most of the time?


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