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Time to repeal death penalty

Roy Howard
The Gazette
December 22, 2007

Once again, executions have been suspended in Maryland and more people, including the governor-elect are suggesting that life without parole is a suitable alternative to death.

Recently, the National Capital Presbytery, which consists of 123 Presbyterian congregations in the Washington area, including Saint Mark Presbyterian Church, passed a resolution expressing its formal opposition to the death penalty.

Churches, of all traditions, are not the only groups opposed to the death penalty. Poll numbers show that Maryland in general has strong support for replacing the death penalty with life without parole.

Marylanders believe this for good reason. The death penalty is applied in a racially biased manner, targeting African Americans who murder whites more than any other racial combination. The death penalty also costs more than life in prison and most disturbing of all, it could put an innocent person to death.

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