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“Maryland Abolishes the Death Penalty”

A limited edition, commemorative poster

Features photo from May 2, 2013 of Colosseum in Rome – lit up to celebrate the signing of Maryland's bill repealing the death penalty! Known for the horrific executions that once took place there, the Colosseum has become an international symbol of today's international movement to eliminate the death penalty. Since New Jersey repealed the death penalty in 2007, the Community of Sant'Egidio in Rome has organized a special lighting of the Colosseum each time a state has repealed its death penalty. Maryland is the sixth U.S. state to end the death penalty in six years!

MD Poster

Order your commemorative poster today! Shipped to you for a minimum donation of $15. Please be generous as all proceeds will help MD CASE push in 2014 for new funding for survivors of homicide victims from the expected savings from repealing the death penalty.