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Pass a resolution!

Introducing a repeal resolution is a great way to spark dialogue about the death penalty and get people thinking about the troublesome way it is applied in our state - something too few people do.  Resolutions also make individual voices more powerful, as they show that groups of people - whether large or small - are speaking out in unison and that they care.

Please ask your church, temple, mosque, or any group with which you are connected to take a public position in support of repealing the death penalty.  Download a PDF of our model resolution. We can also provide speakers to help educate and persuade your group or faith community that Maryland's death penalty is too flawed to fix and that the time has come to eliminate it!

Below is a step-by-step guide you can use to help get your resolution passed.

Getting Started: Bringing your resolution before your group or community 

  1. Find out the procedures, if there are any, your group uses to consider resolutions.
  2. Prepare your resolution.  Use the enclosed model resolution or contact us for help with crafting a resolution which addresses your group or organization’s concerns and positions on the death penalty.  Imagine yourself as someone who knows little about the death penalty.  Does this resolution give enough information to lead that person toward supporting the repeal of Maryland’s death penalty?
  3. Line up your support.  Share your plans to introduce the resolution with others in your group who you think will support it.  Ask for their help in convincing the group to pass it.
  4. Introduce your resolution.  Be sure that everyone involved in the decision has a copy of your resolution.  Make yourself available to answer questions or to provide background information.
  5. Urge an open discussion about your call for the repeal of Maryland’s death penalty.  Encourage people to schedule time for internal education on how the death penalty is being applied in Maryland.  Consider inviting an outside speaker - we can help you with that.
  6. If your resolution is passed: Be sure to alert the media and your state, county, and (if applicable) municipal officials.  Send a copy to us at Maryland CASE so we can include you in the Maryland Tally - we will also forward it onto the folks at Equal Justice USA/ The Quixote Center for inclusion in their National Tally.
  7. If your resolution does not pass:  Don’t get discouraged!  Introducing it has surely educated some people in the group and you have probably made some new allies.  Consult with them regarding your next steps.

After the Resolution: Other Things You Can Do

  1. Alert your entire membership that your resolution has passed.  Ask them to get other groups to do the same.
  2. Put a blank resolution in your next newsletter or email alert.  We can supply you with an electronic version of a model resolution.
  3. Give a talk at another group, faith community, or school in your area.  Include a pitch for the resolution campaign.  When people ask you what they can do, give them a blank resolution and ask them to recruit another group.
  4. Take a resolution to your city council.  Contact Maryland CASE for help with getting your town to endorse the repeal of Maryland’s death penalty--it’s easier than you think!